Friday, 11 November 2011

Facebook Profile Banner Creator

If you have Facebook’s New Profile, you can customize your profile with a  “Profile Banner Maker” at the top of your profile page. This is a great way to customize Facebook a little bit. This Tool makes it easy.There are many banners already included, you just have to click on the banner that you want to use or you can just upload a desired    one and application will magically upload your photos to the facebook and tag yourself .You’ll be surpized with the result! Have fun..
How to create a facebook profile banner step by step guide:
step1) Go to app Click here
banner1 Facebook Profile Banner Creator
Step2) Select image form categories you like.
banner2 Facebook Profile Banner Creator
Step 3) If you want to upload your own image you can select upload own image TAB.
(for best results image size should be 500 by 68 pixels)
This is also known as Banners by users in facebook.
banner3 Facebook Profile Banner Creator
Step 4) Click the image you select then it will automatically make your profile banner.
 You can see sample banner below:
banner4 Facebook Profile Banner Creator
When Facebook launched their new profile design, users suddenly had a new way to customize their Facebook profile.
Now, application developers have noticed the new feature and we’ve now seen the first profile customization application.“Profile Banner Maker” enables users to customize their Facebook profiles by modifying the images at the top of the new profile design. The application, which can be found here or here provides users with a number of banner images which with  one click, will be posted to their profile.
One of the downsides of this app is that after you have gone to the application page and you have added the banner of your choice (you can even upload your own!) you need to adjust your privacy settings and set the visibility for photo’s 
you were tagged in to ‘everyone’ otherwise it will not work obviously!
Ultimately, this is only the first of what I’d assume will be a massive wave of profile customization applications.
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